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Kymaro Fix My Roots


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Kymaro Fix My Roots

Today you will receive a 30-day supply of Kymaro's Fix My Roots in the color of your choice for only $9.95 + S&H;

With your order today, you can also sign up for our continuity plan and receive a 30-day supply of Fix My Roots monthly in the color of your choice. Today you can take advantage of the special price of $9.95 + S&H.;

Kymaro Fix My Roots

Kymaro's Fix My Roots will fix your worst hair nightmares in just seconds! No mixing! No hassle! Fix My Roots can cover gray, dark, or light roots. And best of all it won't flake or rub off!
The special formula bonds to your hair until you shampoo it out!

Fix My Roots is designed for expert color control and makes it mess free and easy to apply in two simple steps!

Each shade is made to match your hair color, simply choose the shade closest to your hair and it will magically blend in!

Kelly Bensimon loves Fix My Roots!


Kelly Bensimon, star of “Real Housewives of New York City,” was seen touching up her roots to match her haircolor with KYMARO “Fix My Roots”.

“Multi-tasking isn’t easy,” says Ms. Bensimon. “I was so excited to find out about KYMARO Fix My Roots, it’s easy to travel with and easy to use. Cheap and quick, it’s the perfect product for multi-tasking mothers out there!” read more

STEP 1: Simply apply Fix My Roots to the desired areas.
STEP 2: Blow dry your hair to set the color and in just seconds, your hair is soft and manageable.

Kymaro Fix My Roots
  • Will last for days, until you wash it out.
  • Saves you time and money in between salon visits.
  • Absolutely amazing results, like you just walked out of the salon!
  • No commitments; just wash it out.
  • Will leave your hair soft and manageable; easily run your hands through your hair.
  • Works on eyebrows too.
Before & Afters
Kymaro Fix My Roots.Kymaro Fix My Roots
Kymaro Fix My Roots.Kymaro Fix My Roots
Kymaro Fix My Roots.Kymaro Fix My Roots
Kymaro Fix My Roots.Kymaro Fix My Roots
Kymaro Fix My Roots.Kymaro Fix My Roots
Kymaro Fix My Roots.Kymaro Fix My Roots

Kymaro Fix My Roots

Available in 10 shades!

Kymaro Fix My Roots
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fix My Roots?
Fix My Roots is instant liquid hair color for touching up grays or grown-out roots. It is true temporary hair color that is easily applied with a precise, soft-tipped applicator.

What colors does Fix My Roots come in?
Platinum Blonde, Light Blonde, Medium Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Burgundy Red, Fire Red, and Black.

How long does Fix My Roots last?
Fix My Roots is temporary hair color. It lasts until shampooed out.

Is Fix My Roots permanent?
No! Fix My Roots is completely washable so you don't need to make any commitment to your color. Fix My Roots washes out after one shampoo!

Is it safe to use if I am pregnant?
Fix My Roots is completely safe for pregnant women. The formula is free of ammonia and peroxide, and full of gentle conditioners.

How do I choose my exact color?
Fix My Roots was specially formulated to magically blend in with the closest matching hair color. We have taken the guesswork out of choosing the proper color! As long as you choose the closest matching color of Fix My Roots, it will magically blend in with the natural color of your hair, giving you an all-over natural look. If you're still unsure, we have made it possible for you to order two colors for the price of one, so you can choose the TWO closest matches to your hair color and then have a highlight or lowlight to compliment that color!

Does Fix My Roots cover dark hair, not just grays?
Absolutely! Fix My Roots is designed to magically cover all hair colors in one application. Simply apply to roots or from roots to ends in smooth sweeping strokes for full length color.

Is there a long processing time?
Fix My Roots application is almost instant! Just apply, blow-dry, and go!

Can I brush my hair after applying Fix My Roots?
You can brush your hair after Fix My Roots dries (10 seconds with a blow dryer) There is no other product on the market that can be brushed after application.

Can I use styling products with Fix My Roots?
Mousse, gels, and other styling products can be used prior to applying Fix My Roots. Hair spray can be used over Fix My Roots.

Does Fix My Roots affect my permanent hair color?
Fix My Roots magically blends with permanent hair color. It does not change the color. However, it should be shampooed out before the next application of permanent hair color.

Are there any harsh chemicals in Fix My Roots?
There are no harsh chemicals. Fix My Roots uses certified temporary hair colors without any ammonia or peroxide. In addition, Fix My Roots contains conditioners.

Can I use Fix My Roots on my eyebrows?
With caution, Fix My Roots may gently be applied to eyebrows. If product gets in your eyes, immediately flush out with water.
Fix My Roots is great for guys too!

How do I apply Fix My Roots?
Around a part, use light, short strokes. At temples and hairline, slide the Fix My Roots non-clumping mascara brush down the shaft of the hair slowly to ensure proper coverage.

Can I play sports with Fix My Roots in my hair?
Heavy perspiration can cause Fix My Roots to rub off on fabrics (towel, hat, etc.). Light perspiration is not a problem.

Should I shake the bottle before using Fix My Roots?
It is not necessary and it is not recommended, as bubbles will form in the liquid.

How long does a bottle of Fix My Roots last?
Each bottle of Fix My Roots will last up to 30 Days, with regular usage.

What if Fix My Roots gets on my skin?
Fix My Roots wipes off with a damp cotton swab.

Will Fix My Roots stain?
Fix My Roots will stain clothing and other porous materials, so be cautious when applying Fix My Roots.

How do I create highlights? Lowlights?
To create highlights or lowlights, alternate with your natural color and a color one shade lighter(for highlights) or one shade darker (for lowlights) than your natural color. Depending on how chunky or natural you want your highlights to look will depend on how big of sections you take when you alternate the colors. On average, 1/4 inch is a good starting point.

Take the first color (natural) and start at the root and slowly pull down to the ends to create even coverage. Next, take your second color (high/low light color) and start at the root and slowly pull down to the ends to create even coverage.

Special Return Policy for Fix My Roots:

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee with this product: If you are not completely satisfied, simply send both bottles of Fix My Roots that were originally received in your order back to Kymaro/UbuyEZ and a full refund less shipping and handling will be applied to your account. First exchanges are complimentary but consumer is responsible for cost of shipping to send order back to the company. All items are exchangeable with this product. All Refunds and Exchanges must be completed within 30 days from the original date your order was received. Additional shipping fees may apply on additional exchanges if the shipping policy is not followed.


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