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Kymaro New Body Shaper


I love my Kymaro Body Shaper. I bought my first set in October of 2009 and I am just now needing to order a new one (March 2011). They have lasted me a long time. They are a little stretched out now so I wanted to get new ones. I don't feel comfortable without it and have been picking out shirts that would hide the straps. I am so excited about the new Cami and can't wait to try it! I hope I get them soon. I personally don't care for the bottom shapers. To me, they are just like wearing cut-off panty hose, so I didn't bother purchasing them this time. I either use the top alone or I wear my Spanx with them. This is the best thing ever and is such a confidence booster for me. I would recommend this to anyone!! Actually, I've already recommended it to several people!
Date Added: 03/02/2011  by Brandi Stewart